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Force began in 2003 as a registered investment advisor, investing in both large and small companies.  We saw the everyday challenges these companies faced, as they struggled to grow with cash flow restraints imposed by the very same customers they were selling to.


Cash flow is the lifeblood of every business. Successful businesses require consistent cash for ongoing operations while smaller companies need the additional cash reserves to fund growth opportunities.  We know how hard it is when your working capital is tied up in accounts receivable.  It can be extremely difficult to meet payroll, purchase inventory, and take on new clients.


Force Financial Services is a private funding source that understands a company’s needs.  We work with each company and design a tailored program so that you can access cash fast, as you need it.


At Force, we are proud to work with companies that are just starting up or established companies who rely on us for the funds they need to face challenges and growth opportunities.

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Minimum Qualifications

767 Fifth Avenue 

12th Floor 

New York, NY 10153

Tel: 212-451-9161

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- 530+ FICO Score

- 3+ Months in Business 

- $50,000 annual revenue

- B2B operator 

- 2 Months of most recent bank statements.

- Basic information about your businesses.

- Basic information about your customer.

- Invoice details.

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